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Emdrona i Emanolla

„God took a handful of south wind and made a horse, tying goodness and good fortune to a lock of mane above its forehead to make it fly without wings”, says an old Arab legend. Has that good fortune left Polish Arabian horses? Will they still be able to fly to the sky without wings? We need to wait for an answer, although this year’s disaster of the „Pride of Poland” auction does not fill anyone with optimism. In line with the announcements of grand celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Janów Podlaski Stud the event was “grand”, but the fireworks were not of the kind that the organizers, and most of all Arabian horse lovers, were hoping for. The 410 thousand Euro is not a sum achieved for one horse, as we would have thought several years ago, but the total price obtained at the auction for the sale of 6 out of 25 horses offered for sale. And although the Arabian Horse Festival is also (or most of all) the National Championship, it remained deeply in the shadow of the unfortunate Sunday auction. The atmosphere seemed the same as usual, characteristic of Janów, and yet it was totally different. Already starting from Friday things were not easy. The tropical temperatures proved a nuisance for the horses, the presenters as well as the guests. Maybe that was the reason for the empty stands? On Sunday we could somehow breathe a sigh of relief, but the black rain clouds handing over Janów remained till the end.

Disastrous auction results

What was entirely unknown to philosophy several years ago actually happened in Janów on the Sunday evening. And although that “something” had been hanging in the air for some time, it seems nobody expected as bad a scenario. Let us try to start from the beginning, although it may well be the end. The auction started with delay, but the spectators filled the stands (at least temporarily). Attendance at the bidders’ tables was not as good. It was certainly lower than in previous years. Pioneer auction rules were introduced this year! The auction took place by means of an electronic system, with the purpose of avoiding last year’s errors. On the one hand we must follow the spirit of the times, but on the other frequently less means more. The „improvements” overshadowed the entire atmosphere of the auction, which from one minute to the next began to resemble a city market with loud and desperate vendor cries. The positive emotions, both among the spectators in the stands as well as in the auctioneer’s voice, were absent, even among the presenters who looked worn out by the entire situation. It actually wore out everyone as the auction dragged on for hours, like a nightmare from which one cannot wake up. It started quite „well”, as lot number 1, Michałów’s Gerda (Shanghai E.A. -Golteria/Galba) found a buyer and was sold for 36 thousand Euro. The next two mares, including the star of the Chrcynno Pałac Stud, the grey Psyche Victoria, returned to the stables unsold.

Lot number 4, Janów’s Anawera was already leaving for the stables as „not sold” when it actually found a buyer from Romania for 110 thousand Euro. Situations where the presenter was leaving with a mare which did not achieve an appropriate price and was re-invited to the ring because someone had second thoughts and finally decided to bid were repeated again and again for subsequent horses. Some mares left and returned two or three times, and even then were not sold. The auction dragged on infinitely, the number of empty places in the stands increased. The next mare to be sold was lot 8, Michałów’s El Dorella (Eden C-El Dorada /Sanadik El Shaklan). The Swedish buyer bid 47 thousand Euro. The next lot, Janów’s magnificent Prunella (Abyad AA-Pradera/Hlayyill Ramadan) reached the price of Eu 150 thousand and will travel to the Czech Republic. This “sky-high” price proved to be the highest of the entire auction. It seemed for a moment that the auction was gaining momentum, but only two mares were sold. Actually it was the end. 15 horses were left, and the most frequently heard words of the evening were „not sold”. From this group only lot 16, Pimenta (Pogrom-Pia/Ganges) was sold to the United Kingdom for Eur 42 thousand and lot 20, Polana (Om El Bellissimo-Pomerania/Gazal Al Shaqab), bought by a Polish buyer for 25 thousand Euro. Only 6 horses were sold of the 25 put up for auction, for a total of Eur 410 thousand. The Janów Podlaski Stud sold 4 horses for Eur 327 thousand, while Michalów sold only 2 for Eur 83 thousand. The Summer Sale auction was no better. Only 8 horses found buyers of the 29 offered for sale. The highest price, 29 thousand Euro, was achieved by Michałów’s Elgazonda, which will travel to Belgium.

The National Championship and the „Pride of Poland” auction were meant to be the climax of the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Janów Podlaski Stud. And although the organization was very efficient, with the International Poznań Fairs, famed for their professionalism, being responsible for the organization, the disaster of the auction remained on everyone’s lips. The media offered many reasons for the failure, everyone will find their own individual explanation. The question is, however, whether this will finally become a starting point for deep, self-critical reflection among those responsible for this state of affairs among the high ranking officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Polish Arabian horse breeding persisted through the national uprisings, the World Wars and communism. The „Pride of Poland” auction, previously known as "Polish Prestige", also survived through very difficult times. Neither martial law in the 1980-ties nor the Chernobyl nuclear explosion prevented buyers from coming to Janów. The prestige and the offer of the auction always worked like a magnet, the horses reached astronomical prices. What then is the reason for the present situation? Who is responsible, and how can it be overcome?

The National Championship – the stallions’ contest

As usual yearling colts were the trailblazers on Friday afternoon (11.08). There were 9 contestants in this class. The privately bred colt Ames JR (Psytadel - Altara/Gazal Al Shaqab), bred by Mr Janusz Ryżkowski, left the ring with the first place and 91.33 points, leaving behind two colts from Michałów, the Białka Champion Emandenor (Emerald J - Emandilla/ Om El Shahmaan) with a score of 90.67 points and Edmund (Ekstern - Editha/Eden C) with 90.17 points. In the two year old stallions class the standards were was set by Calatorio (Vitorio TO - Calatea/Ekstern), full brother of the stallion Calateon, already known from competition arenas. Both stallions were bred by Mr Marek Kondrasiuk. Calatorio obtained 91.00 points including high scores for movement (3 x 19.5). The second place went to Michałów’s Dastan (Equator - Dama Pik/Enzo) with a score of 90.83 points, the third to Empower (WH Justice - Eksterna/Ekstern) of Falborek Arabians, which scored 90.00 points.

Ames JR

In the three year old stallions class the competition was between only three stallions. The winner was a son of Equator, the bay Dong, out of Demeter by Wojsław (91.33 points), the second Białka’s Milian (Lawrence El Gazal - Mila/Ararat) (91.17 points), the third Petrarca (Kahil Al Shaqab – Poezja/Enzo) with a score of 90.50 points, bred and owned by PPH Parys. The next class of 4 – 6 year old stallions was equally small, just 5 contestants. We did see the first “20” however, which was given to Calateon (Vitorio TO – Calatea/Ekstern), for type. He won a total score of 92.00 points, which made him the winner of the class. Michałów’s Złoty Medal (QR Marc - Złota Orda/Pesal) had to make do with the second place and a score of 91.33 points. The third place was awarded to Janów’s Pistolero (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab), whom the judges have a total score of 91.00 points. The class of 7 year old and senior stallions showed that while the ball is still rolling everything his possible. Two very strong contestants from Janów stood on the turf: Pomian (Gazal Al Shaqab - Pilar/Fawor) and Pogrom (QR Marc - Pętla/Visbaden). Although many claimed Pogrom was the favourite the first half of the game ended with Pomian’s victory. He even won a “20” for movement, and won a total of 91.33 points. Pogrom did not have a good day, was not inclined to cooperate with his presenter, which certainly affected the scores. The judges have him 91.17 points. Nonetheless, this was only the first half.

Pustynia Kahila does not need to prove anything anymore

Out of the 11 mares’ classes held on Saturday (12.08) as many as 5 were Michałów’s wins. With the stake so strong and the result could be no different, especially as the presenters, despite the unbearable heat, did a great job indeed. However, the fitness of Janów’s horses already on the second day was a cause of some concern and was reflected in the results. Two groups of yearling fillies were the first in the ring. Already in the first group (1A) Michałów was in the forefront with Emdrona (Medalion - Elgora/Poganin). The judges have her high scores for type including a „20” and 2 x „19.5”, and for head and neck: „20”, „19,5”, „19”. She won an impressive total of 92.17 points. Emdrona left 7 other contestants behind, including her stable mate Frazza (Vitorio TO - Foggia/Gazal Al Sahqab), who came second with a score of 90.83 points. In class 1B private breeders had more luck. The winner of the class was the grey Espaja (Aja Justified - Espanera/Kabsztad) bred and owned by Mr Piotr Podgórny, with excellent scores for type (2 x „19.5” and „20”) and movement 3 x „19.5” which added up to a total of 92.33 points. The next privately bred filly, the chestnut Escotia (Ascot DD - Emancja/WH Justice), bred and owned by Mr Stanisław Sławiński, did equally well. She was given great scores for movement 2 x „19.5” and one „20”! which gave a total of 91.33 points. A representative of Janów, Tacjana (Ascot DD – Tartina/ Perseusz) came third (90.83 points).


Two year old mares also competed in two groups, of 6 and 7 contestants. In group A Michałów mares triumphed once again. Small wonder, as Emanolla (Vitorio TO - Emandoria/Gazal Al Shaqab) and Poganinka (El Omari - Pentra/Poganin) stood side by side. Each could win the class, but clearly it was Emanolla’s day; she won a „20” for type and head and neck, and a total of 92.00 points. Poganinka came second with a score of 91.00 points. In group B the winning score was 91.17 points won by Platyna NA (Shanghai EA - Pantera/Ekstern), bred by Alicja Najmowicz and owned by Mohamed Al Qahtani. The same final score but lower marks for type were given to Janów’s Pregoła (Vitorio TO - Perespa/Enzo), which placed her second. The third position went to the daughter of the wonderful Pianissima and Pogrom, Janów’s „princess” Pamina (90.00 points).



Five contestants appeared in the three year old mares class. The first place finally went to a representative of Białka, Celita (Lawrence El Gazal - Cella/Ekstern), with a score of 92.17 points. The runner up was Michałów’s El Larinera (Empire - El Emeera/Ekstern), who won a „20” for head and neck and high scores for movement: 3 x 19.5 points, which translated into a total of 91.83 points. The 4 - 6 year old mares class  again consisted of two groups, of 8 and 7 contestants. In class A the entire stake was overshadowed by none other than Pustynia Kahila (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pustynna Malwa/Ekstern). Michałów’s star received a whole collection of „20s” for movement, two „20s” and „19.5” for head and neck, and high scores for type, one „20” and 2 x 19.5. Her final score of 93.50 was unbeatable and became the highest score of the show. The first and second runners up were Michałów’s Parmania (Kahil Al Shaqab - Parmana/Al Maraam) with 92.50 and Forgissima (Vitorio TO – Foggia/Gazal Al Shaqab ) with a score of 91.00 pkt. In class B the victory once again went to Białka, whose grey Perfinka (Esparto - Perfirka/Gazal Al Shaqab) received very high scores, including three „20s”, one for head and neck and two for movement. She also scored highly for type, 3 x 19.5. The second place went to Janów’s Potentilla (Ekstern - Panonia/Eukaliptus) with high scores for movement, namely one „20” and 2 x 19.5. Her final score was 91.83 points. The next class and the next wins go to Michałów.


In the 7 – 10 year old mares class the highest score was given to Michłów’s Zigi Zana (QR Marc - Zagrobla/Monogramm), namely 92.67 points including a „20” for type and two „20s” for movement! The runner up was her stable mate Emandilla (Om El Shahmaan - Espadrilla/Monogramm) with a score of 91.50 points. The most impatiently awaited is always the senior mares class. Mature, majestic, they are the most beautiful of all and emanate with self-confidence. The 11 year old and older mares entered the ring, among them a daughter of Monogramm, Michałów’s grey Zagrobla out of Zguba by Enrilo. The mare was 23 years old, but in excellent form and shone like a diamond. This was appreciated by the judges, who gave her a total of 92.83 points. Fantastic scores for type certainly contributed to this total, namely a „20” and 2 x „19.5”, as well as for movement, „20”, „19.5” and „19”. The runner up was a daughter of Ekstern, also grey Bohema out of Bogini by Arbil bred by SK Janów Podlaski and owned by PPH Parys. Bohema won 91.33 points. The third place went to Białka’s Euspiria (Gazal Al Shaqab – Euskara/ Ararat) with a score of 90.67 point.

The final combat

Although Sunday (13.08) morning was a relief from the heat but brought very unpleasant rain. This could be no obstacle for the horses from Michałów, who went on through the competition like a storm. They snatched 3 gold medals, two silver and two bronze. Already in the first Junior Mares Championship the podium was dominated by Michałów’s horses. The gold medal went to Emdrona, the silver to Emanolla. Both mares got equal scores from the judges and the final result was determined by the scores in the class. The bronze medal went to Platyna NA, followed by Espaja, fourth and Celita, fifth. After the mares the time came for the stallions. Indeed, there was no surprise as Michałów again won two medals: gold for Dong and bronze for Dastan. Between these two Michałów stallions came the silver medalist, privately bred Ames JR. The fourth and fifth place went to Emandenor and Milian respectively.


The result of the Senior Mares Championship could be foreseen because such two strong contestants had to share the medals between them. We of course refer to Michałów’s Pustynia Kahila, who now boasts the title of Champion, and Zagrobla, which followed her closely as the Vice-Champion. The bronze position on the podium went to Białka’s Perfinka. Zigi Zana of Michałów and Bohema of Janów were fourth and fifth respectively. We impatiently awaited the results of the Senior Stallions Championship. As we remember, in the Friday competition between Pogrom and Pomian the ultimate winner was Pomian. However, there is only one king, and this time the gold went to Pogrom! Pomian came only fourth. The silver medalist was Calateon, and Złoty Medal the bronze medalist. The Michałów Stud was the leader not only in the classes and in the Championship, but also in special prizes. The title of Best Breeder went to Michałów, the  Best Trainer was Mr Mariusz Liśkiewicz, the Best Presenter – Mr Piotr Dwojak, and the title of the Best Mare and Best Head - Pustynia Kahila. The WAHO perpetual trophy was given to Janów’s Pinga. The title of Best in Show was awarded to Janów’s Pogrom.



Jolanta Gębka

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